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​Portrait painting - Silje Høidal


The prize of a portrait, size 30cm x40cm is at the moment 25000,- NOK.

A deposit of 40% NOK will be charged at the time of ordering. This is not refunded if the painting prossess is started. 



A painted portrait is a picture that resembles both the person's physical appearances and their personality. Therefore it is recomended that the person to be painted can meet with the artist personaly for conversation, photography and scetch work.

If this is not possible, the portrait can be painted after conversations with family or friends and earlier photographies.


For questions or ordering, contact Silje by telephone or use the contact form.





Silje can also be of help with framing from her own frame shop.


Artist Silje Høidal

Orknøygata 8

0658 Oslo

Tel: 45204272


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